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COVID-19. In accordance with the governor's guidelines for close-contact businesses, we have implemented the following:

  • Upon arrival for your appointment, remain in your car and call or text us at (423) 238-5775 to let us know you've arrived. Someone will come out to take your temperature prior to your entry into the building. (Keep the AC running during warm weather to avoid an artificially high temperature!)
  • Wear a mask if you have one. If you do not have one, one will be provided for you. Masks may only be removed during a facial, lip/chin wax, or when lying face-down on the massage table.
  • You will be asked to complete a COVID-19 specific release form at every visit, stating that you and household members are not/have not been exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19; have not been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, to your knowledge; and have not recently traveled to any COVID-19 "hot spots".
  • Couples massages are not offered at this time, per governor's guidelines.
  • All staff are likewise required to complete the COVID-19 release form and take their temperature at the beginning of every shift.
  • Logs posted throughout the spa tracking our regular cleaning and disinfection throughout the spa.
  • Arrival. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time for annual paperwork updates, for your treatment to be customized to your individual needs, and so you may begin relaxing in our meditation room. Our appointments have been designed to ample allow time for your enjoyment. Late arrival may limit our ability to offer you the fullest possible experience, as your treatment(s) will be rendered only for the remainder of your scheduled time, and you will be responsible for payment of the full service.

    Cancellation. Our practitioners’ time is valuable, and we often have guests on a waiting list. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call 238-5775 at least three (3) hours in advance. You may also cancel or reschedule in advance online at our website, www.poplarcreekspa.com. Appointments cancelled with less than 3-hours’ notice will be assessed a late-cancel fee equal to 50% of the cost of the service booked. This fee must be paid before booking another appointment. To minimize your risk of missing an appointment, opt in to our reminder emails and texts. (Not receiving a reminder text or email does not free you from this obligation.) 

    Children. In order to maximize the relaxation experience of all of our guests, we request that you not bring your children with you to your spa appointments. In the event that you do, minors will be required to accompany a parent or guardian in the treatment room.

    Children and treatment at Poplar Creek Spa. Children are welcome to receive services at Poplar Creek Spa. In many cases, massage therapy, skin care, and acupuncture may be as beneficial for children as they are for adults. Minors under age 18 will be scheduled with a female practitioner, unless a male practitioner is specifically requested by their parent or guardian. A parent or guardian must accompany a minor into the treatment room when receiving TMJ massage for orofacial pain for the first time. Children of any age may receive acupuncture at Poplar Creek Spa. A parental/guardian consultation (via phone or in person) with the acupuncturist is required prior to treatment, and may result in the acupuncturist requesting that you accompany your child into the treatment room. For all other services, whether or not you accompany your child into the treatment room is at your discretion. However, if my child is under age 16, I must remain inside the building for the duration of their treatment. For all services other than acupuncture, your child must be at least age 10 to be seen. Exceptions will be made with a doctor’s written recommendation. Due to their shorter attention spans, children under age 16 may be limited to 30-minute sessions, at their provider's discretion. If there are specific services you do not want your child to receive, you must notify Poplar Creek Spa in writing. If you no longer want your child to receive services at Poplar Creek Spa, you must notify the spa in writing that you have revoked this permission.

    Gratuities. Tips are graciously accepted, but not expected, and are never overtly solicited at Poplar Creek Spa. Should you choose to add a gratuity to your service, a common range is 10 to 20%, but any amount you choose to add is appreciated, and entirely at your discretion. 

    Intake paperwork. For our insurance purposes and to keep you informed of our most current policies, it's important we get an updated signed general intake form for you every 12 months. Select services require additional consent forms which, to keep us abreast of any changes in your health status, may need to be updated annually. We will attempt to notify you prior to your appointment when it is time to update your paperwork so you may plan your arrival time accordingly. A lack of notification does not mean you will be excused from paperwork updates, nor can we guarantee that your service will last for its full scheduled duration if you do not arrive in time to complete it before your service is scheduled to begin. As stated above, we always recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure you get your full scheduled time, and so you may begin relaxing in our waiting area.

    Payment. Payment is due when service is rendered. In order to avoid any potential stress around payment after you've relaxed, we prefer to take your payment up front so you don't have to worry about it after your service when you're all relaxed. Gratuities, upgrades, or retail items may easily be added to your ticket after your service.

    Pets. Only registered service animals are allowed in the spa. 

    Prenatal massage and fertility treatment. We welcome expectant mothers to enjoy our services! The benefits of massage and acupuncture, and stress relief in general, to both mother and fetus are supported by research. Please inform the front desk at booking of any fertility treatment you may be undergoing, and provide a physican's release letter for massage during your first trimester. 

    Session length. Our massage and facial sessions are a full 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes in length, respectively, which includes consultation time with your therapist. Acupuncture sessions are scheduled for a full 60 or 90 minutes, which likewise includes consultation time.


    We know you have many options when it comes to massage and relaxation, so thank you for choosing us!

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Friday evening hours are shortened during the winter.

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